Getting Children Kindergarten-Ready

Make sure your kids are prepared for school

Transitioning to kindergarten can be difficult for many children. Those who have been prepared for this new phase in life tend to learn more quickly and have more fun than those who come in unprepared. If you want to make sure your child will love their "big kid school," you should enroll them in Little Monsters Learning Center.

We participate in the Texas Head Start program, which is a state-sponsored program that gives children an advanced platform to do well in kindergarten. Call today to find out if you qualify.

Our experienced teachers are highly qualified

It can sometimes be difficult to find a day care with good teachers, but Little Monsters Learning Center is a top choice. Our staff is:

  • CPR-trained
  • Infant-toddler training-certified
  • Trained to teach the Texas School Ready program

We'll make sure your kids receive a valuable education. Reach out today to enroll them in the program.